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  • If applying for Artist Membership, a photocopy (or original) of the liner notes of your CD/DVD/Album must be emailed to after purchase with SUBJECT: ARTIST MATERIALS. Please highlight your name where it appears on the liner notes (as artist, support musician, producer, engineer, graphic artist, photographer, or liner annotator).

  • If applying for Industry Professional Membership, please submit a detailed description on current company or personal letterhead outlining your affiliation to the recording industry (as record company employees directly involved with the recording process; distributor; distribution sales staff; record store owner or employee; radio, print, television, or internet entertainment media; professional musicians; other professionals affiliated with the recording industry) to with SUBJECT: INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION.

  • If applying for Friends Membership, there is no need to include any documentation. Friend Membership is open to anyone who wishes to support the UMA and its initiatives.



We recommend – but do not require – that all submitted material is copyrighted.

  • Music Video submissions must contain music that is either self-released or released by an independent label.

  • Design submissions may feature independent artists.

  • Video and Design projects must be released or be intended to be released in physical, digital, or streaming format – for sale or free – between October 1, 2018 – May 31, 2020 (for 1st annual program)

  • Music Video submissions may contain original music, but must contain NO EXPLICIT LYRICS! MUST BE radio ready!