Meet Our CEO/Founder, Rachel Cruz

Like a modern day siren, Rachel lures her listeners in with haunting melodies and a soulful voice. Once entranced, she takes her captives on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment guiding them safely through the storms and shipwrecks of life.

There is a saying that, “Stars are made, not born,” and that couldn’t be more true for this actress, singer, dancer. Talk about a triple threat! Music, dance and acting have always been a part of this starlet’s life. Brought up in the entertainment industry, Rachel has grown up around music, theater, film and dance! From the tender age of 3, she has been dancing, eventually becoming a professional hula dancer, competing in the top hula competitions and traveling the world enchanting international audiences. It was actually thanks to her dancing abilities that she was introduced to the television and film industry. She was asked to dance in commercials for companies like Hawaiian Airlines, in televised parades like Disney World’s Winter Parade, for major televised events like The International Children’s Festival sharing the stage with the Sesame Street Gang and even at major football games like the Pro-Bowl for four years.

All this before she was even thirteen years old! It was around this age that she discovered her gift, passion and love for music! Engrossed with the rhythmic vibes of her culture, this Hawaiian Native began playing the ukulele, eventually writing her own lyrics and melodies. Though her creativity was heavily influenced by her island home, her taste in music contrasted the happy and light-hearted sounds of the islands. Instead, she found solace in artists like P!nk, Evanescence and Adele who’s music mirrored the hardships and realities she faced in her own life. Behind the lights, cameras and smiles, Rachel was haunted by traumas and abuses she’d been going through for years. Music became the catalyst that helped her to truly find her voice. It is no secret that life is hard, but in a world that can leave you feeling cold and forgotten, her lyrics offer hope reminding others that they are not alone. Rachel draws strength through her faith and connecting with the energy, or mana, from the world around her. The stars, ocean and forests are her playground, allowing her imagination to run wild. Like the strong and magnificent waterfalls she drew her serene strength from growing up, her life experiences have been the wellspring from which her music and lyrics flow. This platform would inevitably open doors for her in every industry and also lead her to discovering the greatest thing in the world: HERSELF!

“Rachel Cruz is a dark ray of sunshine with a spitfire spirit and a fierce will to survive!”

Her journey of self-discovery can be seen throughout her recently released EP Album entitled, “Warrior”. Every song allows her followers an in-depth look into her very heart and soul, revealing her thoughts, vulnerabilities and the actions she took to survive and overcome her challenges. After years, Rachel has developed her own unique sound. Geared with a powerhouse voice and music that moved her audiences to tears, she released her debut album at the famous Blue Note Jazz Club. The Blue Note’s history includes featured artists like Willie Nelson, Nora Jones, Al Green, Willie K and Aaron Neville to name a few! Not only was the release a success, but it has quickly catapulted her music career. She is now being booked at a variety venues, concerts and events and has even re-started her career in acting appearing in television shows like Hawaii Five-0, on commercials like that of Hawaii News Now, Hawaii Gas Campaign and more!

This is just the beginning for Rachel, but just as much as she gets, she believes in giving back. When she isn’t lighting up the stage or auditioning for her next role, she is spending time with the people she loves and volunteering at various charities. She has volunteered her time with organizations like the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which is the largest and best-funded breast cancer organization in the United States. She has also been known to sing at WCCC, a women’s prison in the State of Hawaii, for homeless shelters and to help raise awareness for Foster Children. She also performed as a guest artist in association with Aku Bone Media, LLC and Mike Izon to raise funds for the ALS Golden West Chapter Organization. Her latest heart project is a benefit concert she is organizing to raise funds for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving and improving the lives of the children by raising funds for children’s hospitals across North America. “I love what I do, and I love giving back just as much!” ~ Rachel Cruz

Rachel Cruz feat. Richard Tate - MLPro Sessions

Welcome to the 1st Annual Ultimate Music Awards 2020!

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